The PROUD Study is a collaboration between Julius Center, the department of Medical Microbiology and Saltro.

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The PROUD study is an initiative of the University Medical Center Utrecht (divisions: Julius Center and Medical Microbiology) and Saltro. The study focuses on the introduction of molecular diagnostic techniques for primary care acute diarrhea patients.

Our primary  objective  is to investigate  the effects of the introduction  of PCR diagnostics  for acute diarrhea primary care patients on pathogen  detection  rates, health outcomes  and costs. Successive  objectives are 1) the effects of PCR introduction  on general practitioner’s  guideline  adherence,  2) the  proven etiology of acute  IID  in  primary  care  patients  using  highly  sensitive,  multiplex  PCR  techniques  and  feasibility  of  using routine care data as passive laboratory surveillance system for viral enteropathogens, 3) the etiologic role of IID in the development of IBS in acute diarrhea primary care patients, 4) the clinical utility and cost effectiveness of detection of toxin producing E. Coli spp. in primary care patients with acute diarrhea using molecular PCR techniques.

The PROUD Study is a collaboration of:

Julius Cnter       UMC Utrecht